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So you’ve got your crossbars set up on the roof of your car, you bought a set of Rack Pads, hopefully from Surf’n Gear, and now you’re ready to strap your surfboards to the top of your car and head to the beach to catch some waves.  All’s good, right?  Maybe… A big mistake a lot of people make is on how they strap their surfboard to the crossbar racks on the top of your car.  Detailed below and in the video that goes with this blog article are several clear steps that you should take to make sure you’re surfboards get to the beach safely and in one piece.

  • Don’t purchase a set of heavy duty tie down straps that include heavy metal hooks and ratchets. They are way too big, too heavy and have too many big metal parts on them that could damage your surfboards.
  • The ideal tie down straps for securing surfboards to your rack crossbars are either a set of 10-12 ft. polypro webbed straps with a metal cam buckle closure or a looped set of 5-7 ft. polypro webbed straps that provide the same functionality of the 10-12 ft. tie down straps but offer the convenience of leaving them strapped onto your rack crossbars when you’re not going surfing. The Surf’n Gear 12ft. Tie Down Straps or the Surf’n Gear 7ft. Looped Tied Down Straps are great choices for your consideration.
  • When you strap your surfboard to your crossbar, loop the tie down straps around your crossbars right up alongside the rails of the surfboard on either side of the surfboard. In the video that goes with this blog we provide a great visual of how this should be set up.
  • Conversely, do not allow any unnecessary gap in space between your surfboard and the tie down strap. In the attached video, we also show a great visual about why you don’t want to do this.  When you loop your tie down strap on the outside of your crossbar, you won’t get a good, tight fit for your surfboard and you’ll also be exposing too much of the webbed strapping to the wind while traveling which makes a lot of noise!

Follow these easy steps for securing your surfboards on top of your car and you should have no problems getting your surfboards to the beach safely.  All of these surf roof rack accessories can be found on the Surf’n Gear web site under our “Roof Racks and Pads” tab.   As always, be safe out there in the water and treat the person next to you in the lineup the way you’d like to be treated!  Carpe Diem!