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Reliable and Strong Car Top Crossbars and Rack Pads

if you read our last Blog report,  you now know how to safely strap down your surfboard or SUP to the top of your car (Fins First!!).  What’s the next biggest threat to having your surfboard fly off of the roof of your car while you are driving down the road possibly causing severe damage to your board and possible catastrophic damage to the cars around you?  If you don’t have a strong and reliable roof rack crossbar system set up on your car, you’re asking for trouble!

Most factory installed roof rack crossbars are rated to carry between 125-150 lbs..  When calculating that number, keep in mind that those numbers don’t take into account the wind resistance threat that occurs when you’re carrying something long and flat on top of your car, such as a surfboard or SUP.  How can you test your factory crossbars to determine if they’re strong and reliable?  I do the hand test.  Grab your crossbars and try to move them forward and back as well as up and down.  If there is any play in the movement of your factory installed crossbars, that could be a real problem for you.  In the attached video we show you several examples of factory installed crossbars that should raise questions about their strength and reliability.

What’s the solution?  For the ultimate assurance that your roof racks are strong and safe, install a custom made roof rack system.  At Surf’n Gear, we proudly represent Yakima, the “Made In USA” longtime leader of quality car roof rack systems.  In addition, a lot of the newer model well made SUV’s and vans don’t provide factory installed crossbars on their cars, offering instead the raised railings that run the length of your car roof that will accommodate either a Yakima crossbar system or something similar from one of the other car rack suppliers.  These raised railings are very strong and provide the firm foundation to mount a Yakima crossbar system that will provide you with strength and reliability.

In addition to strong and reliable crossbars, you’ll need a good set of Surf’n Gear Rack Pads to complete your set up.  Surf’n Gear offers a wide variety of rack pads in three great colors:

We also offer three different size Surf’n Gear Rack Pad widths to fit the following crossbars:

  • Regular Rack Pads: for crossbars that are 1-1.5″ in diameter
  • Aero Rack Pads: for crossbars that are 1.75-2.25″ in diameter
  • Extrema Rack Pads: for crossbars that are 2.5″+ in diameter

Finally, we offer three different Surf’n Gear Rack Pad lengths as follows:

  • 18″ Rack Pads: great for surfboards
  • 24″ Rack Pads: great for longboards and SUP’s
  • 30″ Rack Pads: great for kayaks, etc.

If you’re driving a car that has a bare roof i.e. no roof rack system or raised railings on the roof but need some racks, Yakima has a custom designed rack system just for your car too.  Drop us an email at customerservice@surfngear.com and tell us about what type of car you’re driving so we can help you fit your car with the right Yakima Rack System and the right Surf’n Gear Rack Pads.

All of these surf roof rack accessories can be found on the Surf’n Gear web site under our “Roof Racks and Pads” tab.

As always, be safe out there in the water and treat the person next to you in the lineup the way you’d like to be treated!  Carpe Diem!