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Preparing Your Surfboard For Repair

By | Cleaning Your Surfboard, Surfboard Ding Repair, Surfboard Repair

Now that summer is over, it’s time to think about Surfboard Repair for your surfboard or to clean your surfboard to keep it looking good and in great shape.  There’s nothing worse than seeing a nice surfboard that doesn’t look so nice anymore because it’s got a couple of years of old dirty wax buildup on the deck and some unrepaired “dings” (cracks or holes on the surfboard surface) that have become brown due to water damage. So, what’s the process?  First, look at the…

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Strapping A Surfboard On Top Of Your Car

By | Rack Pads, Roof Rack Crossbars, Surfboard Racks, Surfing, Tie Down Straps, Uncategorized

So you’ve got your crossbars set up on the roof of your car, you bought a set of Rack Pads, hopefully from Surf’n Gear, and now you’re ready to strap your surfboards to the top of your car and head to the beach to catch some waves.  All’s good, right?  Maybe… A big mistake a lot of people make is on how they strap their surfboard to the crossbar racks on the top of your car.  Detailed below and in the video that goes with…

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Reliable and Strong Car Top Crossbars and Rack Pads

By | Rack Pads, Roof Rack Crossbars, Surfboard Racks, Surfing, Yakima Roof Racks

if you read our last Blog report,  you now know how to safely strap down your surfboard or SUP to the top of your car (Fins First!!).  What’s the next biggest threat to having your surfboard fly off of the roof of your car while you are driving down the road possibly causing severe damage to your board and possible catastrophic damage to the cars around you?  If you don’t have a strong and reliable roof rack crossbar system set up on your car, you’re…

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Carrying a Surfboard On Top Of Your Car – The Right Way and the Wrong Way

By | Rack Pads, Surfboard Racks, Surfing, Tie Down Straps

So you just got your first surfboard… or you’ve been surfing for awhile but have questions about how to transport your board safely to the beach without damaging your board, your car or someone else’s car.  What do you do?  At Surf’n Gear, we want to help you understand all of the dynamics of surfing so before you get in the water let’s take a few minutes to help  you understand the “Right Way” and the “Wrong Way” to transport a surfboard on top of…

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