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The Joy of Youth

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This blog article really has nothing to do with surfing but all to do with youth.  And since I fell in love with surfing as a youth, I guess this does connect to surfing through “The Joy of Youth.” With summer quickly coming to an end and school getting ready to go back into session for another academic year, at this time of year I find myself thinking back to my own youthful days as a kid “growing up”.  My backyard was the beautiful farmland…

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Strapping A Surfboard On Top Of Your Car

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So you’ve got your crossbars set up on the roof of your car, you bought a set of Rack Pads, hopefully from Surf’n Gear, and now you’re ready to strap your surfboards to the top of your car and head to the beach to catch some waves.  All’s good, right?  Maybe… A big mistake a lot of people make is on how they strap their surfboard to the crossbar racks on the top of your car.  Detailed below and in the video that goes with…

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