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Tie Down Straps

Strapping A Surfboard On Top Of Your Car

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So you’ve got your crossbars set up on the roof of your car, you bought a set of Rack Pads, hopefully from Surf’n Gear, and now you’re ready to strap your surfboards to the top of your car and head to the beach to catch some waves.  All’s good, right?  Maybe… A big mistake a lot of people make is on how they strap their surfboard to the crossbar racks on the top of your car.  Detailed below and in the video that goes with…

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Carrying a Surfboard On Top Of Your Car – The Right Way and the Wrong Way

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So you just got your first surfboard… or you’ve been surfing for awhile but have questions about how to transport your board safely to the beach without damaging your board, your car or someone else’s car.  What do you do?  At Surf’n Gear, we want to help you understand all of the dynamics of surfing so before you get in the water let’s take a few minutes to help  you understand the “Right Way” and the “Wrong Way” to transport a surfboard on top of…

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