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Fall Sky

Summer’s Ending – The Fall Sky

By | Fall Sky, joy of youth, Surfing

There’s something about a “Fall Sky” at the beach.  Have you seen one yet this year?  I saw my first one last week.  Here in the heat and humidity of the late South Carolina summer, a Fall Sky finally arrived.  It’s unmistakable, and irreplaceable… and speaks of the promise of cooler weather, good surf and sparse crowds at the beach.  It also speaks of the promise of football on TV, chilly evenings when you need a sweater and a fire in the fireplace (or fire…

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The Joy of Youth

By | joy of youth, Uncategorized

This blog article really has nothing to do with surfing but all to do with youth.  And since I fell in love with surfing as a youth, I guess this does connect to surfing through “The Joy of Youth.” With summer quickly coming to an end and school getting ready to go back into session for another academic year, at this time of year I find myself thinking back to my own youthful days as a kid “growing up”.  My backyard was the beautiful farmland…

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surfboard leash

And Then My Surfboard Leash Broke…

By | Surfboard Leash, Surfing

So I needed to get in the water for a surf session in the worst way.  It had been a long day at Surf’n Gear headquarters and I needed a good dose of “vitamin sea” to boost my moral.  But, summers on the South Carolina lowcountry coast can be frustrating in the search for good surf.  Unless a hurricane or tropical storm is heading up the east coast we are usually relegated to surfing in onshore wind chop conditions, especially in the late afternoon after…

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surfboard delamination

A Surfboard’s Big Summertime Enemy – Surfboard Delamination!

By | Surfboard Delamination, Surfboard Ding Repair, Surfboard Repair, Surfing

Surfboard delamination… a surfer’s worst nightmare!  In these dog days of summer, what’s the biggest challenge in taking care of your surfboard?  Is it that guy in the crowded line up who keeps dropping in on you?… or stuff that keeps falling on your board where you keep it in your garage?… or your “friends” that keep borrowing your board and bring it back without telling you about the ding that mysteriously showed up on the nose?  Sure, all of those demons are after your…

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